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Farmer Spotlight: Moser Manor Farms

Vanessa Moser is an extraordinary woman who wears many hats; she is a mother, a wife, a licensed nurse practitioner, yoga instructor, and co-owner of Moser Manor Farms. You can listen to the podcast episode where we talk about how she's finding balance in the chaos here!

Vanessa and her husband acquired their land in 2016 and started building their farm. They have chickens, cows, a miniature horse, goats, and bees. They have been working on some big project builds around the farm and turning it into everything they dreamed of.

Vanessa also homeschools all three of her kids. She's also working part time as a licensed nurse practitioner and caring for the elderly on the weekends as a home nurse. When she's not doing all that she's teaching goat yoga on the farm. This lady does all the things.

After learning that her first born had some food sensitivities and a deep want to breastfeed her baby, Vanessa and her husband starting getting educated about food and then finally decided to start their farm and become self sufficient. They love teaching their babies about the circle of life and the importance of knowing where your food comes from. As part of their homeschool curriculum they learn a lot about everything that goes on on the farm.

Her husband builds the majority of the structures on their farm and they work together as a team with the kids as well to accomplish their day to day tasks. They power through the endless tasks by learning and loving together.

You can follow their journey on Instagram @mosermanorfarms and if you want to attend a yoga class with Vanessa on the farm check out their website!!

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