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Farmer Spotlight: Shooting Star Acres

Updated: May 6, 2021

I got the pleasure of sitting down (via Zoom) with Alicia from Shooting Star Acres. She is a mother of two babies, a military, owner and operator of her farmstead and farm animal rescue, and an overall amazing lady! You can listen to that podcast episode here!

Alicia started her farmstead as a random idea she presented to her husband over dinner one day and they jumped in with both feet. Her passion for helping animals led them to expanding their farmstead to a farm animal rescue as well. They have over 100 animals that they provide care for. They receive these animals from all kinds of different circumstances; injured or sick when they arrived at chicks days from Tractor Supply, rescued from down town after being dump, or worst of all rescued from the trash. They bring in these animals and provide them all the necessary care to nurse them back to health. She has everything from guinea hens, to chickens, to pigs, to goats. They are doing it all to provide for the animals in their area.

She is also starting our a small test run of her CSA boxes this year. Be on the lookout for more information from her on availability for the boxes and what they will be producing in the future.

One of the things that I personally love about Alicia is her vulnerability and truthfulness in sharing her journey with mental health. She is so open and honest and real about the struggles that come with farming, owning your own business, and life in general. She shares her good days and the bad. For being a self proclaimed introvert, I really admire her ability to connect with her audience and share such meaningful topics.

This girl and her farm are seriously going to be one's to watch! She is doing AMAZING things over there! I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes over the next couple years!

If you would like to donate to her farm and farm rescue, you can donate on Venmo to @shootingstaracres19

Follow Alicia on her journey on Instagram and Facebook!

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